The Challenge

A company’s brand guidelines are sacred, and it is important to stick to them, no matter how much a designer might disagree with them. This academic project is exactly what it was meant to simulate. I had to create an e-commerce website using very bright colours such as purple and orange, as well as a logo that is less than pretty and make it work.

The website didn’t need to be a full-fledged e-commerce website, however, basic functionality such as adding to cart, filtering, sorting, and checking out had to be present.

Finally, all the product photography had to be done by myself.

The Solution

I decided to be bold and embrace the vibrant colour scheme that was available to me. I used existing bakery e-commerce websites for inspiration and ended up with a unique looking website that I was happy with, considering it was my first large scale website development project.

My Role

This was an individual academic project, so everything from planning to execution was done by me. This included:

  • wireframing
  • database planning
  • photography
  • graphic design
  • front end development
  • back end development

Created With

  • HTML logo
  • CSS logo
  • PHP logo
  • MySQL logo
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