The Challenge

To create an e-learning platform where users of varying backgrounds could go to learn the basics of the combat sport of Muay Thai. For this academic project, we only had a month, not including the various other projects we had to complete by the same deadline. This tight schedule made it crucial for my team and I to have exceptional communication and ensure that everyone was doing their part.

The Solution

Our solution was to keep everything as streamlined and as simple as humanly possible. We created a very simple home page featuring some history about the sport and a mock contact form.

Our navigation consisted of a logo and a login button. The login button prompted the user to provide their login details, or to signup if they didn’t already have an account.

Once logged in, they had access to their dashboard. This is where they could see their progression and access the various chapters. In order to unlock a chapter, they had to go through the previous one, and complete a simple quiz. Once a user had completed all the modules, they were rewarded with a certificate with their name on it, which they could then print.

It was quite challenging to get the progression system working the way we wanted it to. However, with a lot of hard work and persistence, we managed to get it working exactly the way we wanted to using PHP.

My Role

For this project, I planned, designed, and developed the front end as well as the back end of the website. I also contributed to some of the content while my team was in charge of all the media elements.

Created With

  • HTML logo
  • CSS logo
  • JavaScript logo
  • PHP logo
  • MySQL logo
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